Rose Wine
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300 kr
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Levering: 1-2 dage
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Levering: 1-2 dage

Honesty Bar Product

12,5% Rosé wine

Beautiful crystal clear pink rosé with a hint of sunny fresh red berries, peach and notes of yellow grapefruit.

11,5% Rosé wine

Fresh and tangy with a fruity breeze. It is filled with berries, flowers and sun, and the idea is, of course, that you should share it with one of the people who make you happy.

13% Rosé wine

Super light and clear rosé with only between 10-15,000 bottles produced annually. Extremely fresh in the scent of flowers and a slightly spicy impression with a hint of juniper and plums. 

The Concept

Step 1:

You would like a refreshing, a watch, an extra cleaning or a nice bottle of rosé? No problem, just order it here

Step 2:

You choose the product of your likings on the webshop and buy it online

Step 3:

Once you ordered it, it is now yours to enjoy

Step 4:

For questions, please go to the store down under where our great colleagues are ready to help