1815 Chronograph, Steel / Green Sunray - Special Edition

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1815 var et vigtigt år - det var året, hvor teknikken bag kronograf funktionen blev opfundet. Med et design der en klassiker værdig , kunne det først-designede ur i vores kronograf kollektionen ikke hedde andet end 1815.

Hvert ur er unikt med sit individuelle nummer indgraveret på bagkassen. Uret er omhyggeligt designet med kvalitetsmaterialer, safirglas og smukke kongeblå detaljer. Et kronograf ur med et rent og klassisk design - i en perfekt størrelse for enhver gentleman.

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Speciallavet i røget eg med indgraveret logo


316L Højpræcisions rustfrit stål, individuelt nummereret


Mørkegrøn sunray skive med stål prikker og visere, guld lille sekundviser


Buet safir krystal med anti-reflektiv overflade


Miyota 6S11 Chronograph (Quartz)


41 mm bred, 11 mm tyk


Italiensk læder (genuine) med nålespænde, 20mm bred


2 år på defekter


5 ATM testet (Undgå brug ved dykning)


Alle vores ure kommer med en udskiftelig rem, så du kan skræddersy lige præcis det look du ønsker med et enkelt klik - og på den måde sikre dig, at dit ur altid matcher dit humør, outfit og begivenhed.

Customer Reviews

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1815 Chronograph, Steel / Green Sunray - Special Edition

Amazing design

I’ve never seen a watch so completed and beautiful for such a good price. The green dial goes perfect with the brown leather strap and sendes you right back to classier times.

1815 Chronograph in Green Sunray

Summarized review: Worth every penny, and of superb quality. If you like how it looks, you should have no second thoughts about buying.

Full review:
This watch is phenomenal. The design is beautiful and classy, instantly striking without being gaudy. I collect watches, but this is the first watch I've owned that can be truly dressed up or down to be either formal or casual. It looks fancy but is still easy to read. Almost everyone who's seen this watch, even strangers, has commented on how beautiful it is and how striking they find the color.

It's a good weight; light enough to sit comfortably on the wrist but not so light it feels flimsy. All the pieces feel solid and well-assembled. Time and date are easy to set. The chronograph buttons give a nice satisfying click, and the mecha-quartz movement really gives the best of both worlds.

The strap is fantastic as well, a worthy complement to the watch. The leather is sturdy but supple, comfortable on the skin and looks visible high-quality. I can already tell it's going to age nicely. It comes with easy quick-release pins that let you swap straps without any special tools, but I don't think I'll ever want to take this one off. (Bonus points: I have particularly tiny wrists for a man, but the options afforded by the holes in the strap run small enough to fit me!) I'm seriously considering buying straps for my other watches from About Vintage.

One small nitpick: if you don't press the chrono-reset button firmly enough, it will reset the chrono-second hand but not the chrono-minute hand. This can be solved by running the chronograph for a few seconds, then pressing the reset button again, more firmly this time. I've had this happen twice and fixed it quickly and easily. Otherwise, the watch has run faultlessly.

Absolutely Beautiful Watch

I absolutely love my new watch and appreciate the quick response from the about vintage team, with regard to some queries I had. The watch was delivered on time and was very easy to track progress. Eagerly looking forward to my next Purchase. Thank you!

Amazing watch and even better costumer service!

Dear reader/potential buyer,

Could not recommend the support staff behind this company enough. I had the unfortunate bad luck of having my watch stolen during shipping (Copenhagen to Canada) and the support staff understood, replied to all my emails in a quick manner, and I now have a replacement watch proudly on my wrist.

The watch itself is a beauty. A wonderful combination of some of my favourite colours in the hues I imagined they would be. I spend a lot of time in the woods, and occasionally on the water, so to have a timepiece that is a deep green, mixed with classic leather and accented by the silvery edgings is really easy on the eye.

I haven't used my chronograph function much besides for workouts or timing a new route to work, but it is handy to have as well.

Great company, and a great timepiece.


A satisfied northern customer.