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1926 Automatic, Steel / Blue Vintage

Nothing short of art

This watch is absolutely beautiful. Everything from the packaging, internal functions, and aesthetics of the watch itself are like a fine art exhibit. The people at about vintage know what they are doing. I couldn’t be happier and I plan on someday soon purchasing one of their chronographs. Thank you for this precious timepiece.

1820 Automatic, Rose Gold / White

Super fedt ur i god kvalitet!

Købte et 1926 Automatic All black og er fuldt ud tilfreds med uret. Fedt design, flot finish og lavet i ordenlige matrialer, kan varmt anbefales.

The watch is a good looking piece

Great looking watch for the price, loved the fact that it came with an additional strap which makes it fun to swap as I please. The only negative is that it makes this noise as if something inside it is broken or loose when you move your arm. All automatic watches does that to a certain level but I wish the noise was less noticeable. Otherwise amazing watch nevertheless.

First watch ever and I'm not disappointed at all

1844 Chronograph, Steel / White

Reloj muy lindo

Muy bonito fácil de usar

1844 Chronograph, Steel / White

Very nice look&feel

was looking for something clean, understatement and with a good build quality. just found it :-). also great customer service!

A watch for Mr. and Mrs.

Heavy, beautiful, easy to set/shorten, exclusive and most important - nice to look at. We can switch watches at home - we fell these watches fits all no mater what sex you are!

Super godt

Super fin kvalitet og god kundeservice.
Kvalitetsmæssigt synes jeg uret er helt oppe på Tag Heuer niveau

Fantastisk ur

Det er skønt ur - uret er ikke særlig tungt, hvilket der gør at det er rart at have på, men man kan også mærke der er noget i uret og det ikke vil falde fra hinanden, hvis det skulle tabes.
Og vidunderlig service fra About Vintage. Jeg købte uret til normal pris og 5 dage efter kom der Lockdown rabat, men jeg fik penge tilbage der svarede til rabatten.

Gold and Black

Love the understated golden look when combined with a black strap. And good build quality.

Very nice watch

Super nice watch. Also very good customer service!


Nemt, hurtigt og så laver de nogle lære ure! Det er mit ur nr. 2 fra About Vintage og det er absolut ikke det sidste

Nice watch at a low price

Beautiful watch in good quality and at a low price.

1926 At'sea, Steel / Green Turtle Vintage

Beautiful watch

At sea green turtle is a beautiful watch, that only really comes to it's right on the wrist. I do not think you really can beat the quality to price ratio about vintage watches, impeccable delivered in a nice package. Well done.

Et virkeligt lækkert ur!

Som forventet er finish, funktionalitet, og kvalitet meget høj. Hvad jeg ikke havde forventet var hvordan 1926 bare sidder lige hvor det skal på mit håndled. Jeg købte 5 forskellige remme med. Men har kun et kort øjeblik, mere for at afprøve det, afveget fra 5-link stål remmen som jeg personligt synes klæder uret rigtig godt.

Yet another GREAT Watch, my fourth (4th)

Well I must be be drinking the Kool-Aid.
Yes, I bought my 4th watch and this is a great looking watch. I must say they sent me extra links for my large wrists. I forgot to say the watch(es) arrive in an amazing box (wood) looks like walnut, I can not throw them out. The ordering and receiving of the watch was quick I am in California, USA. I am more than satisfied with all my purchases, and I sometimes wear two watches at one time. I’m from the Coast, the “Left Coast”, what can I say.
Seriously, this is a classy watch I ordered early and I am glad I did.
If you want a quality time-piece you will not be disappointed with any of the About Vintage collections. I own four (4) and I will own more..
“So many watches and only two wrists”.

1969 Vintage

A beautiful watch in its classic simplicity. Well designed website and rapid delivery.

Best watch

I love it, amazing quality

Jeg er så glad for mit ur - det er god kvalitet og vejer godt til.

Green turtle vintage

lækkert ur intet negativ at sige

Very Nice watch and I like the way you can
chance the straks.